Data security and data protection are part of Omnia’s security operations. The goal is to guarantee all Omnia students and staff members a safe and reliable working environment.

Principles of data secure working:

  • I commit to observe and comply with Omnia’s data security policy as well as all currently valid Omnia data security instructions and operating rules.
  • Omnia computers may only be used with the provided username and password.
  • Software purchased by Omnia may not be copied or used outside the workplace.
  • When using removable data storage media (such as a flash drive), it must be ensured that there is no malicious software.
  • Only licensed software installed on the computer may be used. Other software installations are not allowed.

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Secure printing at Omnia

Printing, copying and scanning is possible using shared IDs (part-time teachers, visiting lecturers, etc.) via your own personal email, i.e. with the help of so-called mobile printing.