When I fall ill

If you fall ill, immediately contact your supervisor (Education Manager) via phone. If needed, leave a message and notify the assistants of your subject area that you have fallen ill. Check the contact details for the Education Manager and assistants of your team.

If you suddenly fall ill in the evening (after 15.45 p.m.) of a day you have teaching or on a teaching day at the weekend, contact the Itätuulenpiha caretaker’s (tel. 046 877 3622), regardless of where you teach.

We need to be notified of your situation as soon as possible so that we have time to find a substitute for the lesson or to notify the students well in advance that the lesson has been cancelled. The notification of absence and the medical certificate must always be delivered to the Education Manager of the subject area, either via post or email.

After the salary information has been transferred, the adjustments and corrections made (e.g. sick leave) are arranged to be paid on the next pay day (the 7th day of the following month).

Sick pay

Part-time teachers are paid sick pay in accordance with the valid collective agreement.

If the employment of the part-time teacher has continued for at least one month (Section 11, Chapter 2 of the Employment Contracts Act), the teacher is entitled to full pay for the duration of the impediment until the end of the ninth working day since the day of falling ill, but up to the point when their entitlement to the daily allowance pursuant to the Health Insurance Act begins. If the employment has continued for less than a month, the employee is entitled to 50% of their pay.

If the part-time teacher teaches on average at least 14 hours a week throughout the entire employment relationship, the sections governing sick pay are different (Sections 2 and 8, Chapter V of KVTES). 

On the basis of a personal notification (with the permission of a supervisor), an employee may be on sick leave for five days, at maximum. The sick pay is calculated as presented above. When a supervisor is notified of sick leave, they can ask for a medical certificate. The first day of sick leave is unpaid if the sick leave notification and medical certificate have not been delivered to the employer within one week after the signing of the medical certificate.

Temporary nursing leave

If an employee’s child who is under the age of 12 falls ill suddenly, the employee is entitled to temporary nursing leave to arrange care for the child or to care for the child. Teachers who on average have over 14 hours of lessons a week are entitled to paid absence. Temporary nursing leave is granted for a maximum of four successive working days at a time, of which three calendar days are paid.

A credible account of the child falling ill must be provided. These accounts are, for example, a certificate from a nurse (the certificate must also include the name of the employee) or other account approved by the employer.

Other reasons for absence

A supervisor (Education Manager) can only permit postponing a lesson for a very serious reason and if things such as the facilities allow it. Substitute arrangements must always be agreed on with the designated contact person (coordinating teacher, pedagogical expert, planner). Being late for the lesson may lower the pay paid for the teaching.