Teachers are jointly responsible with other personnel for ensuring the well-being of the learners, the safety of the learning environment and operations as well as for maintaining order.

If necessary, call the caretaker for help, or in an emergency, call 112.

Daily safety

Students are not allowed in the teaching premises and may not be left in teaching premises without a teacher.

At the end of each lesson, the teacher

  • ensures that the room is empty and tidy,
  • closes all equipment,
  • turns off the lights and
  • locks the door.

Children may not be brought to lessons or left in unit premises without adult supervision, for example, while their parent is studying.

Find out the locations of the closest emergency exit, the property’s meeting place and the first aid cabinet. Report any risks related to safety you have observed at the teaching location to the resource coordinator, caretaker or coordinating teacher.

Exiting the building in case of an emergency

  • The course teacher acts as the group leader and ensures that the group follows the provided instructions and exists the building immediately.
  • Exit the classroom through the closest emergency exit.
  • Do not use the elevator.
  • Leave all belongings in the classroom.
  • Close all windows and exit the classroom as the last person. Hang the ‘This room is empty’ sign on the outside door handle and close the door (do not lock it).
  • If you notice any smoke, stay low while exiting the building and move away from the smoke.
  • Lead your group to the meeting point. It is marked with a green sign outside the building. Ensure that the escape route remains clear.
  • Students report to the group teacher at the meeting place. The teacher does a head count to ensure that all the students in the group are present and asks the students to report if they notice that a fellow student is missing.
  • Any missing persons are reported to the authorities immediately.
  • You may only leave the meeting place after the safety supervisor or fire brigade has given you permission to do so.

Seeking protection indoors

  • If you hear an emergency alert (general emergency signal, authority release or announcement):
  • Act calmly and decisively.
  • Close all windows and exit the classroom as the last person. Hang the ‘This room is empty’ sign on the outside door handle and close the door (do not lock it).
  • Follow the employee wearing a yellow vest and immediately take shelter with your group.
  • Listen to authority announcements on the radio (also on mobile phones and online), listen to announcements made at the unit and follow all given instructions.
  • Avoid using mobile phones, as network congestion may hamper rescue operations.
  • Do not leave the premises until you have been given permission to do so.

Watch video about seeking protection indoors (YouTube). Video is in Finnish, but it has English subtitles.

In case of an accident

After the hazard (accident, act of violence or threat thereof, medical emergency, inappropriate behaviour) is over, submit a safety incident report and also let your supervisor know about the situation. You are also encouraged to report any safety practices you have found to be particularly good.

Safety at Omnia

Safety is present in all our daily activities and with a proactive approach, we aim to minimise accidents and safety risks. Explore Omnia’s safety instructions (omnia.fi) and the rescue plans of different campuses in Finnish (omnia.fi).