The employment relationship is temporary and lasts from the starting date of the course until the ending date of the course, if the course has the required minimum number of participants. The required minimum number of participants for your course is presented in the employment contract. 14 days before the start of the course, your coordinating teacher will notify you if the course does not have enough participants. In this case you can negotiate with your coordinating teacher whether you will wait for more participants to register or if you will cancel the course. However, the cancellation of the course must be announced to the customers no later than 7 days before the course was planned to start.

You can promote your course having enough participants by marketing your course (in Finnish).

When the number of participants decreases

Notify the assistant of your team if it looks like places in the course have become open again. The quicker you act, the better chances the people in the queue for the course have to adapt to the course.

Check the information of your team.