Commute expenses

Part-time teachers can be reimbursed for their commute expenses from home to the teaching location and back for the part exceeding their personal liability under the preconditions laid down in the Municipal Collective Agreement for Teaching Personnel (in Finnish) (OVTES, Commute expenses are reimbursed for the part of lessons and teacher meetings. The reimbursement is calculated using the shortest possible route and the least expensive public transport fare. Costs are reimbursed only for the part of the journey exceeding 20 kilometres (OVTES, Chapter F, Appendix 12, Section 12). Thus, the teacher’s personal liability for the journey to-and-from is 40 kilometres as of 1 January 2023.

Commute expenses from home to work and back are only reimbursed once per day. The Tax Administration states that commute reimbursements are considered taxable income. If a part-time teacher travels from one teaching location to another during the working day, the travel expense reimbursement is tax-free. Commute expense applications are submitted twice per semester or immediately after completion of short-term teaching.

Public transport

In public transport, this means additional zones and with your own car, kilometre allowance. When travelling by public transport, the two-zone ticket (AB or BC) is considered your personal liability. If your journey requires a three- or four-zone ticket, the additional zones are reimbursed.

Reimbursement amounts

  • €0 is reimbursed for a AB/BC/CD (€3.10) ticket
  • the difference between the three-zone ticket and the two-zone ticket is reimbursed for a ABC/BCD (€4.10) ticket, i.e. €1
  • the difference between the four-zone ticket and the two-zone ticket is reimbursed for a ABCD (€4.50) ticket, i.e. €1.40

In case of a long-distance traffic ticket, the feeder traffic ticket is considered personal liability. Enter in your commute expense report the tickets and sums for the entire journey so that we can verify whether you have had a feeder traffic ticket that is considered your personal liability.

Right to use your own car

To be agreed in advance with the coordinating teacher when planning the course. The kilometre allowance is only paid for the part of the journey exceeding 20 kilometres.

Applying for commute expenses

Apply for commute expenses in Kursor. Instructions in Finnish.

Meal voucher

Meal vouchers are available for purchase at units that do not have a cafeteria. You can also purchase meal vouchers during the Adult Education Centre’s summer holiday period if you are working. You cannot purchase meal vouchers for remote working days.

The nominal value of the meal vouchers is currently €12/voucher, and the purchase price is €9/voucher. This purchase price is to be paid when picking up the vouchers.

In order to be eligible to purchase a meal voucher, your working hours for the day need to exceed 6 hours. Meal vouchers can only be purchased in advance for the number of working days per month. Meal vouchers cannot be purchased retrospectively.

Meal vouchers can be purchased either from Tapiola, Itätuulenpiha 1, Jaana Oikarinen ( or from Espoon keskus, Lehtimäentie 1 D, Tuula Lintukankare (

Please make sure meal vouchers are available before coming to purchase them.